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Ive decided

2009-04-28 12:13:16 by Pandangerous

I wont do any more things on newgrounds until im happy with what i can do.

Ive decided


2009-03-24 14:41:57 by Pandangerous

I've finished the music video for my song Trance-Dance.check it out.

check it out.

These songs I am-a-makin

2009-03-21 08:18:27 by Pandangerous

My songs are through now so you can take a look a them.Enjoy.

Also here's a seak peek at what im workin on.

These songs I am-a-makin


2009-02-16 10:47:39 by Pandangerous

This is just to say hello. Im Ryan AKA Pandangerous and if your reading this your so incredibly bored or you got lost on the way to some SEXY PRONS.I just started to animate so dont expect much of me.BYEZ for nao